I HAD AN IDEA aboutpaper

I wanted to start this website with those two things in mind. Give people an opportunity to purchase quality products that I personally use and have a resource that they can research the product before the purchase and reference using the product after the purchase.

At JT Kenney Outdoors you will not find a slew of products to wade though. You will not even find here all the products that any one company sells. What you will find here is the products that I really use out on tour, in the ocean or in the woods. This store is not about everything for the outdoorsman. This store is about certain products that I use, trust and believe in and giving you the opportunity to purchase those products and learn how to use them to make you a better fisherman. This is NOT a “Hey I just won a tournament last week and this company is paying me to tell you to buy it place” these are the products that I use and trust day to day in my life as a pro bass fisherman and outdoor enthusiast.



A 27 year old holding up the champions trophy in his very first tour event?
A seasoned veteran hurling a crankbait on a main river ledge on his way to yet another top ten?
A passionate bowhunter high up a spruce tree atop an appalachian ridge?
Or wrestling a grouper from the bottom of the Atlantic?

The answer is yes, on all accounts a resounding YES. Succcessful professional bass fisherman by trade, life dedicated to everything outdoors to the soul.

Originally from Maryland JT grew up hunting and fishing there. Cutting his outdoor teeth fishing deep creek lake and hunting dans mountain. From a young man he knew he was going to make his living with a fishing pole in his hand. The very first tournament he entered at the age of 22 he finished 2nd and won $600. That was that and from there on out a professional bass fisherman was born. That was a long time ago but that fire still burns just as bright. Now with over a million dollars in winnings and nearing the 50 mark in top tens its been a great ride with many more to come. Living in FL full time since 2004 JT has broadened his horizons to include saltwater and plying the depths for her bounty. Cobia, grouper, mahi or on the flats redfish, snook, or flounder. Also learning some new game and hunting styles along the way in the sunshine state. Basically a well seasoned all around outdoorsman with a passion for taking and teaching others. This website is his way of giving people that more direct route to success in the outdoors by using JT’s knowledge of the best products and techniques.